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Hood type dishwasher UX-130BC ISO DD

Rack size 500 mm x 500 mm and door clearance 430 mm. Double-skinned hood.

  • Top panel.
  • Sani-Control: guaranteed disinfection.
  • Double-walled hood: insulation and energy efficiency.
  • Exclusive Hydroblade™ washing arms: maximum effectiveness.
  • 3-stage filtering system.
  • Sani-Control guarantee

    • GUARANTEED DISINFECTION in compliance with standard DIN 10534.
    • THERMAL LOCK function: Ensures that rinsing will be carried out at the ideal temperature to disinfect the dishes.
    • CONSTANT HIGH TEMPERATURE RINSE system for optimal disinfection.
    • The PRESSURE PUMP guarantees effective high-pressure rinsing
    • WRAS certified.

    New recessed bodywork

    • Ergonomic design with rounded corners to prevent the accumulation of dirt and facilitate cleaning.
    • Compact tank volume (50% water saving compared to the previous range).

    Double-Walled (Ultra ISO)

    • Double-Walled Structure: thermo-acoustic insulation to attenuate the sound level and improve energy efficiency

    Hydroblade™ washing arms

    • Redesigned nozzles for greater washing performance.
    • The "monoblock" design delivers durability and resistance to impacts.
    • 30% savings in water consumption during rinsing compared to the previous range.

    3-stage filter system: surface, tank and extraction

    • Keeps the washing water in optimal conditions to maintain constant washing performance.

    Designed to last

    • "Flow" opening mechanism: allows the hood to be raised with less effort
    • High load capacity 43 cm: suitable for GN 1/1 and Euronorm
    • Stainless steel surface filters for greater stability and resistance during intensive use

    Premium warewashing

    • Soft start: progressive start-up of the washing pump to protect fragile items.
    • Top panel: it allows quick and intuitive reading of information, ideal for corner installations.
    • Colour LCD Display: intuitive communication of the machine status by means of messages, colour codes and icons.
    • Dedicated cycles: selection of the ideal washing programme using icons.
    • Adaptable: allows the main parameters of the machine to be adjusted to the needs of each user.
    • Wash Plus+ function: increases the intensity of the wash cycle for greater cleaning performance
    • Control panel with IP65 humidity protection.

    You will never WASH ALONE

    • Tech-Services: our team of technicians will help you so that your machine is always ready for use.
    • Design Services: tell us what your needs are and we will advise you.
    • 60 years of experience and know-how at your disposal.
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    Specifications Sheet

    Basket dimensions: 500 mm x 500 mm
    Useful height: 430 mm

    Cycles: 6
    Cycle duration: 60/90/100/150/210"
    Production baskets / hour: 60/40/36/24

    Boiler capacity: 12 l
    Wash tank capacity: 25 l

    Consumption and savings

    • Water consumption / cycle: 2.8 l
    • Automatic saving mode in: 25'
    • Automatic switch-off: 120'

    Energi consumption


    • Pump: 1000 W / 1.3 Hp
    • Tank: 3000 W
    • Boiler: 9000 W
    • Total loading: 10000 W

    External dimensions (W x D x H)__

    • Width:650 mm (Wide with handle: 725 mm)
    • Depth: 755 mm (Bottom with handle: 835 mm)
    • Height: 2070 mm / 1525 mm

    Net weight: 139 kg

    Wash temperature: 70ºC
    Rinse temperature: 87ºC

    Crated dimensions
    760 x 860 x 1600 mm
    Gross weight: 150 kg

    Product Sheet

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