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Déli-cut: The revolution for your kitchen The most universal, practical, and versatile cut for the chef

We introduce the new Déli-cut, a Brunoise-style cut of 4x4x8 mm. This cut is especially practical for cooking, sautéing, dressing salads and recipes, cooking fillings, and much more.

The Déli-cut

The ideal complement for any professional kitchen

We present the Déli-cut, the perfect ally for the chef seeking a dynamic, versatile, and functional cut. This innovative Brunoise-style cut of 4x4x8 mm is ideal for cooking, sautéing, dressing salads, preparing fillings, and much more. And the best part? No special machine needed! Simply by combining a julienne disc and a dicing grid, you can achieve this cut with your Sammic vegetable preparation machine.

Universal and versatile!

Déli-cut is, by excellence, the most versatile cut in the market, allowing its use in 90% of culinary preparations. It’s so practical and dynamic that it revolutionises professional cooking.

  • Sautéing

  • Tacos

  • Pintxos

  • Salads

  • Fillings

  • Rice base (paellas)

  • Salpicones

  • Other recipes

Quality and precision

In both the Compact line and the Heavy Duty line

Now, you can achieve the Déli-cut with all Sammic vegetable preparation machines. The Déli-cut requires no special adjustments to the machine. Combine these julienne discs and dicing grids and get the Déli-cut!

  • Compact line: Julienne disc FCES+4x4G + dicing grid FMS-8
  • Heavy Duty line: Julienne disc FCE+4x4G + dicing grid FMC-8D


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