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SmartVide XL, the state-of-the-art immersion circulator Designed to work in containers of up to 120 liters

With a 5" touch screen and Wi-Fi and Wireless connectivity, the arrival of the SmartVide XL completes the family of sous-vide cookers.

SmartVide XL sous-vide cooker

For up to 120 lt. / 30 gal. containers

The SmartVide XL, with a power of 2,600W, is a professional sous-vide cooker, with excellent precision and reliability, easy to use and transport. With a 5” touch screen and Wi-Fi and Wireless connectivity, SmartVide XL is designed to work in containers with a capacity of up to 120 litres.

High production retherming station

The perfect solution for large groups

SmartVide XL cooker can be combined with the innovative technology and connectivity of the new 120P heated tank, operators can serve up to 200 portions of 200 g per hour*, with the same precision as obtained using a typical countertop sous vide bath.

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* Maximum capacity for large-scale cooking and temperature maintenance. This capacity can vary depending on the cooking or regeneration requirements.

Capacity 120 l
Core probe Optional
Wireless Yes
Wifi connectivity Yes
HACCP-ready Yes
Firmware update Yes
Touch screen Yes
Janby Track-ready Yes
Janby Track Mini integrated Yes
Transport bag No
Electrical supply
Total loading 2600 W
External dimensions (W x D x H)
External dimensions (W x D x H) 125 x 148 x 435 mm
Net weight 4,65 kg

Why the SmartVide XL sous vide immersion circulator?

  • Trabajando en una cocina.

    5" touch screen display
    and a comprehensive
    settings menu

  • Cocinando una receta de egg bites.

    Wireless and Wifi
    connectivity: dedicated app.

  • Es posible guardar las recetas en la app del SmartVide.

    Memorization of recipes
    in both the appliance
    memory and the App.

  • Un documento con la información de la cocción exportado desde el termocirculador.

    HACCP-ready and
    cooking history
    instantly available

  • Un móvil conectado con el termocirculador a través del Wireless.


  • Cocinando con una sonda al corazón.

    Probe-activated cycle start

  • Cocinando con un termocirculador sous vide SmartVide.

    Ability to work for
    an indefinite time

  • Moviendo el termocirculador SmartVide 9 de sitio.

    Possibility to connect
    to a heated tank

Professional performance

  • Extremely precise: Highly consistent results and facilitating the standardisation of recipes.
  • High power: As its high-power output, 2.600W, means that heating times are kept to a minimum. The option of a heated tank that can be connected to the
    SmartVide XL allows for even faster initial heating times and temperature recovery.
  • Large capacity:designed to work in containers of up to 120 litres capacity, which translates into 200 portions of 200 g each time (Maximum capacity for long cooking and temperature maintenance).
  • Variety of supported containers: it can be operated in any type of container provided that the maximum recommended specifications for capacity (up to 120 l) and minimun depth (200 mm).
  • Robust construction: equipped with an ergonomic and robust solid stainless steel handle that allows the SmartVide to be easily moved from one container to another.

Receta de chipirón confitado cocinado con el termocirculador sous vide.

Wide range of accessories


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