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Equipment for pizzerias We can provide all of the kitchen equipment you need for a pizzeria.

Pizzerias are just as unique as the styles of pizza that they produce. Each one has to find that special element that makes their pizza stand out among the other options and Sammic wants to help with just that. From vegetable cutters to liquidisers and mixers. Find out why we're #TheRightChoice!  

The CA vegetable preparation machine is an essential!

The CA vegetable cutter makes it possible to shred all types of cheeses directly from your worktop. Shred and grate all types of cheeses, from the softest mozzarella to the hardest parmesan. Slice your own cheese and save thousands of euros. It's a high-capacity slicer that can process up to 450 kg of cheese, reducing your costs and improving productivity. Slices, cubes, julienne strips... tell us what you need and Sammic can give it to you. But it doesn't have to be cheese! You can use it for peppers, mushrooms, onions, sausages, olives, bacon...

SH Shredding Discs

This cheese grater disc is perfect for maintaining hygiene levels in your establishment. The blade can be easily unassembled without needing screws or tools, making it easier to clean the disks more thoroughly. Safety and hygiene are paramount for Sammic.

XM-12 Sammic: compact, but powerful

#TheRightChoice means the right size for the highest possible power. Liquidise and mix all of your sauces with the compact XM-12 liquidiser by Sammic. With its 223 mm arm, it can be used in containers of up to 10 litres. If you need something bigger, you have a whole range of liquidisers at your fingertips.

Planetary Mixers

Maximum capacity:






Bread dough (flour kg) 60%





Croissants (flour kg)





Sponge cake dough (eggs)





Pizza (total kg)





Egg whites (eggs)





Meringue (sugar kg)





Mashed potato (potatoes kg)





Minced meat (total kg)





Pizza dough roller machine

Commercial pizza formers.
Pizza dough rollers to form pizza dough of variable thickness.

Pizza Dough Roller DF-30 For Ø 140 mm - 290 mm pizzas. Tilted upper roller.
Pizza Dough Roller DF-40 For Ø 260 mm - 400 mm pizzas. Tilted upper roller.
Pizza Dough Roller DF-40P For Ø 260 mm - 400 mm pizzas. Paralell rollers.

Pizza ovens

Commercial electric pizza ovens. 1 or 2 cooking chambers.
Stainless steel cooking chambers with single stone hearth per deck.

Pizza Oven PO-1+1/32 2 chambers. 1+1 pizza, Ø 32 cm.
Pizza oven PO-1+1/45 2 chambers. 1+1 pizza, Ø 45 cm.
Pizza Oven PO-4 1 chamber. 4 pizzas, Ø 32 cm.
Pizza Oven PO-4+4 2 chambers. 4+4 pizzas, Ø 32 cm.
Pizza Oven PO-6 1 chamber. 6 pizzas, Ø 32 cm.
Pizza Oven PO-6+6 2 chambers. 6+6 pizzas, Ø 32 cm.
Pizza Oven PO-6W 1 chamber. 6 pizzas, Ø 32 cm. Wide door.
Pizza Oven PO-6+6W 2 chambers. 6+6 pizzas Ø 32 cm. Wide door.
Pizza Oven PO-9 1 chamber. 9 pizzas, Ø 35 cm.
Pizza Oven PO-9+9 2 chambers. 9+9 pizzas, Ø 35 cm.

Commercial hand blenders

Commercial immersion blenders and whisks.
Versatility, ergonomy, strength. Built to last.

Hand blender XM-12 Compact immersion blender. 240 W.
Hand blender XM-31 Professional immersion blender. 400 W.
Hand blender XM-51 Professional immersion blender. 570 W.
Hand blender XM-71 Professional immersion blender. 750 W.

Commercial vegetable preparation machines

The perfect cut, by Sammic: Quality, productivity, ergonomics.
Vegetable processors with an hourly output of up to 1000 kg.

  • Created by potrace 1.13, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2015
  • Hourly production
350 kg Vegetable preparation machine CA-21 Compact, 1-speed vegetable slicer.
350 kg Vegetable preparation machine CA-2V Compact, variable speed vegetable slicer. "Brushless" technology: maximum efficiency.
450 kg Vegetable preparation machine CA-31 Vegetable preparation machine. Production up to 450 kg.
500 kg Vegetable preparation machine CA-3V Commercial vegetable preparation machine. Production up to 500 kg.
650 kg Vegetable preparation machine CA-41 High production vegetable preparation machine with an hourly output of up to 1300 lb / 650 kg.
650 kg Vegetable preparation machine CA-4V High-production commercial vegetable preparation machine, up to 650 kg.

Planetary mixers

Mixer supplied with beater, whisk and dough hook.
Specially designed for workshop, bakery, industrial pizza, etc.

  • Bowl capacity
5 l Planetary mixer BM-5E Table-top model with 5 l / qt bowl.
5 l Planetary mixer BM-5 Table-top model with 5 l / qt bowl.
10 l Planetary mixer BE-10 Table-top model with 10 l / qt bowl.
20 l Planetary mixer BE-20 Floorstanding unit with 20 l / 20 qt bowl.
30 l Planetary mixer BE-30 Floorstanding unit with 30 l / 30 qt bowl.
40 l Planetary mixer BE-40 Floorstanding unit with 40 l / qt bowl.

Spiral dough mixers

Specially designed for hard dough.
Commercial dough mixers specially designed for hard dough (pizza, bread, etc.).

  • Capacity in flour (60% water)
5 kg Dough Mixer DM-10 Capacity: 5 kg of flour.
12 kg Dough Mixer DM(E)-20 Capacity: 12 kg of flour.
17 kg Dough Mixer DM(E)-33 Capacity: 17 kg of flour.
25 kg Dough Mixer DME-40 Capacity: 25 kg of flour.
30 kg Dough Mixer DME-50 Capacity: 30 kg of flour.
40 kg Dough Mixer SM-75 Capacity: 40 kg of flour.

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