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TiltStop, SmoothControl and more Improvements in XM hand blenders - 2024

Starting from May 2024, the XM industrial hand blender range incorporates innovations to enhance user safety in the workplace and extend the equipment's lifespan. Discover the unique features of the TiltStop system, the efficiency of the SmoothControl system, and the new ultra-durable arms, and find out how these innovations can enhance your kitchen processes!

Exclusive TiltStop system

Improves workplace safety

Included into the 30, 50, and 70 series

With the revolutionary and patented Sammic TiltStop system your hand blender works more safely. If the hand blender is tipped too severely or falls out of a container it automatically shuts off. Moreover, it won't initiate unless it's in the correct usage position.

This ensures optimal operation and increases the operator's safety at the workplace. Additionally, this function minimizes splashing when tilting the machine excessively.

Benefits of the TiltStop system

  • User protection

    Reduces the possibility
    of harm to the user.

  • Usability and reliability

    Minimizes splash

  • Indicator of
    non-ideal conditions

    The system prevents activation and alerts you of the improper position.

  • Durability and

    Extends the equipment's lifespan, protecting it against improper operations.

SmoothControl system

New speed control system

The new SmoothControl system provides a faster response and better stability to the machine. It also improves the start-up under load and limits over-acceleration when removing the machine and in no-load situations.

Additionally, it features an overload alarm indicating that we are overexerting the machine and there's a risk of overheating.

Benefits of the SmoothControl system

  • Rapid reaction and stable speed: The machine quickly adjusts its power to maintain a constant speed against variations in the product's density. Provides a smooth and efficient user experience and a more uniform and consistent end result.
  • Quick start under load: The machine starts more quickly in high load and low-speed situations. Ensures optimal performance even under difficult conditions.
  • Prevention of over-acceleration: This feature prevents the device from accelerating to the maximum in no-load situations. Promotes the equipment's preservation and a more balanced operation.
  • Noise improvement: More precise control in motor speed changes reduces the machine's noise level. Contributes to a more pleasant and less stressful work environment.
  • Overload alarm: The machine warns you when the workload is too high. This alarm indicates that the machine is being overexerted and there's a risk of overheating. This gives you greater control and awareness of your machine's status, improving its lifespan.

Ultra-durable arms

Ultra-durable and dishwasher-safe arms

Designed to withstand high temperatures

The arms of the hand blenders are designed to withstand high temperatures in operation, and both these and the whisks can be cleaned in the dishwasher. This facilitates the maintenance and cleaning of the machine, saving time and effort in its daily use.


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