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Cutlery dryers & polishers

Flatware drying-polishing machines for commercial use.

The Sammic cutlery polisher dries, polishes and eliminates spotting on silverware after washing.

Fully automatic. Economy, time-saving, hygienic

  • Economy: saving on personnel cost and quick investment pay-back.
  • Time-saving: hourly output of up to 8000 pieces.
  • Hygienic: UVC-ray germicide lamp sterilises both the cutlery and the drying product.


  • Stainless steel contruction with stainless steel drying tank.
  • Rounded, stainless-steel coated cutlery caroussel. Soft and fluid cutlery circulation.

Intuitive control board: maximum information and control

  • Machine-ready luminous and audible signal.
  • Luminous signal indicating if heating elements are activated or not.
  • Luminous signal indicating that the polishing product must be replaced.
  • Probe-controlled polishing product temperature: accuracy and quick reaction are guaranteed. Luminous signal indicating probe breaking.
  • Luminous signal indicating that the UVC-ray germicide lamp must be replaced. UVC-ray lamp can be disconnected for all essential cleaning or servicing.
  • Polishing product drying cycle with automatic stop after using the machine: improved grain durability.

A model for each need

  • SAM-3001: Desktop model. 3000 pieces/hour. Complete with outlet fan.
  • SAS-5001: Stand model. 8000 pieces/hour. Optional front wheel kit.
  • SAS-6001: Stand model. 8000 pieces/hour. Equipped with motor brake, shortening stopping time, reducing vibrations and improving the durability of the machine and outlet fan prevents drying product from getting out, when swept along by spoons. Optional front wheel kit.
comparison table  ( Yes   Optional   — No )
SAM-3001 SAS-5001 SAS-6001
Production pieces/hour 3000 8000 8000
Motor power 175 W 300 W 300 W
Element power 450 W 900 W 900 W
Uvc lamp power 8 W 8 W 8 W
Fan power 50 W 50 W
External dimensions (W x D x H)
External dimensions (W x D x H) 489 x 652 x 412 mm 630 x 693 (800) x 783 mm 630 x 693 (800) x 783 mm
Net weight 43 kg 130 kg 130 kg
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