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Good afternoon from Wofex 2018!

August 2, 2018 Español  

Thanks to our distributors Besterm and Blizzard, we are present at the Philippine Wofex 2018 fair in Manila. From yesterday, August 1st, until Saturday, August 4th, we will be exhibiting at the World Trade Convention Ctr.

Thanks to Besterm, we are showing our sous-vide solution in Manila. We are exhibiting both lines of vacuum packing machines and SmartVide 8 and 8+ and all the visitors who come to the booth can see how our complete solution works.


On the other hand, in the Blizzard booth, in addition to our sous-vide solution, with the vacuum packing machine and the SmartVide 6, visitors can also discover part of our range of dynamic preparation: Combi CK-301Cutter SK-3 and hand blender TR-350.


From these lines we want to thank both distributors for trusting in our brand and for giving us the option of being here. Moreover, we want to take this opportunity to invite all the users who haven’t come yet to say hello to us to come and meet us. See you!

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