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Ready meals: solutions for a rising trend

February 14, 2018 Español   Português   Deutsch   Français   Italiano  

In recent years, the consumption of prepared and precooked dishes has grown steadily. Specifically, in 2016, 14.26 kg of precooked food per person (3.6% of total expenditure on food and beverages for the home) was consumed in Spain. At the same time, and largely thanks to technological innovation, the offer of precooked dishes has also increased significantly, covering all types of food.

Considering the needs of the market, Sammic offers solutions for preparing prepared meals for sale and consumption in other locations. From eggs precooked at low temperature or dishes prepared in collaboration with prestigious chefs for sale in supermarkets, even to packaging precooked dish product lines; Sammic participates every day in multiple innovative projects for the food chain and the HORECA sector, often related to low temperature cooking.

Precisely, within its food preservation solutions, Sammic offers machinery that provides total safety in cooking, conservation and regeneration preserving the qualities of the cooked product and enhancing its flavour and texture.


Conservation and safety, key factors

In making prepared or precooked dishes, the container is extremely important, since this determines the shelf life of the cooked product. That is why prepared and semi-processed dishes made using the low temperature technique have the advantage of vacuum packaging.



The importance of good regeneration

Another key point of the dishes prepared at low temperature is regeneration, in homes and in restaurants. At home, it is important to follow the supplier's regeneration instructions. In restaurants, the ideal solution is to have a low temperature cooker in the restaurant that enables the product to be regenerated at serving temperature and then arranged for presentation and served.


What does Sammic offer?

Sammic's new sensor and sensor ultra vacuum packing machines offer state-of-the-art features, especially designed for packaging different types of products. Thanks to sensor control, these machines offer precise and consistent results and provide safety when packaging liquids. In addition to the packaging machines, Sammic also offers a complete range of high-precision SmartVides or professional low temperature cookers, with different capacities and features that make them ideal for sous-vide cooking and for regeneration.

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