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New offices opened in Monterrey!

May 30, 2019 Español   Português   Deutsch   Italiano   Français  

Names from left to right: Lupita Guerra, Juan Manuel Pardo, Julieta Villaseñor, Agustín Quesada, Patricio Bacco, Rafael Aguilar, Adrian Gonzalez, Xabier Goenaga, Ramsey Banda, Ángel Sánchez.

Friday 17 May was a special day, since a commitment was fulfilled that was made some time ago. With the help of collaborators, Sammic's new offices were inaugurated in Monterrey Nuevo León (Mexico) surrounded by friends, customers and people who are part of the history of this company.


We wish to express our greatest appreciation to all the guests who had the opportunity to join us at this event. The best things in life deserve to be shared; thank you for celebrating with us.
Customers Suppliers Friends

Julieta Villaseñor

Juan Manuel Pardo

Ángel Sánchez

Alejandro Guido

Arturo Gonzalez

Ramsey Banda

Fermín Juárez

Adrian Gonzalez

Rafael Aguilar


 The Sammic Mexico team accompanied by Xabier Goenaga and Agustín Quesada.


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