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A multicultural week in Sammic

October 16, 2019 Español   Euskera  


This week we had two very special visits in our headquarters in Azkoitia.

On the one hand, we had the pleasure of hosting the southwest team of La Bovida. With them we had two days of formation, where we have shared our news and ideas. They also had the opportunity to see the facilities of our factory.

On the other hand, we also received Mr. Robert Mang from Dishes, Mr. Ben Gregoire from CKP and Mr. Bobby Anwar from CKP, Asian consultants. They also had the chance to know our facilities, in addition to sharing meetings with different departments of the company. Moreover, they had been able to know our Chef’s Services area and to meet some of the chefs of Fleischmann Cooking Group.

It has been a huge pleasure to welcome you all. See you soon!

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