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Visiting Asia

September 10, 2019 Español  

David Tan, Xabier Goenaga, Ann Tan and Alfonso Acha from Sammic.

The Commercial Director of Sammic, Xabier Goenaga, and the Export Director, Alfonso Acha, took time to visit Asia to learn and understand the cultures of the different markets. During their trip, they will visit Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia.

The first stop on its route has been the FHT Thailand fair in Bangkok. There, Goenaga and Acha along with our subsidiary in Southeast Asia exposed and presented all our novelties. They have been four days of intense work where they have been able to know the needs of our clients.

Xabier Goenaga, Chef Sid and Alfonso Acha in Fireless Kitchen restaurant.

From there, they have traveled to Singapore, where they visited the newly opened restaurant ‘Fireless Kitchen' where Chef Sid serves healthy food prepared with the SmartVide. In his restaurant, Chef Sid has 8 SmartVides who work 22 hours a day to prepare their menus. The restaurant is reaping a lot of success among the island’s chefs.

After Singapore, the team will travel to Vietnam and Indonesia, to continue to learn the reality of these markets very closely.

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