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Food preservation in epidemic periods - by DKSH

April 21, 2020

Food preservation has always been a methodology thought to many as a method used for big restaurants and/or big establishments. In this epidemic period, we have seen a surge in our vacuum and sous-vides to ease the food delivery around the world.

DKSH – Taiwan nailed it again with another successful activity conducted on 15 April 2020 in their show kitchen in Kaohsiung. They took extra care in planning and executing the session to keep everyone safe by in ensuring group size is within the legislated number, everyone wears a mask, disallow food tasting and instead packed and vacuum them properly for participants to bring home.



Good practices are part of social responsibility and we are happy to have them as our partner.

Big THANK YOU to DKSH – Taiwan, Chef Emmet and his Team for the great effort in the presentation.

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