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Cutlery and knives, perfectly sanitised by Sammic

April 28, 2020 Español   Français   Português   Deutsch   Italiano  

Sammic has specialised equipment which effectively sanitises cutlery without requiring any further manual processes after it has been through the dishwasher, and solutions that guarantee that kitchen knives are perfect sanitised. We wanted to remind you of these products at this time when hygiene is particularly important.



Cutlery dryer-polishers

Cutlery dryer-polishers are automatic machines equipped with a carousel along which the cutlery passes after washing. Cutlery is dried, sterilised and any limescale stains are removed without the need for any further polishing by hand. All this thanks to the combined action of the plant-based granulate through which they pass, the heat that promotes drying and the action of a UVC germicidal lamp that sanitises both the cutlery and the granulate used to treat it.

Sammic manufactures a complete range of cutlery dryer-polishers that care for cutlery with economy, speed and hygiene. Economy, because they save on personnel costs and guarantee a rapid return on investment. Speed, because they can dry, polish and sanitise up to 8000 pieces of cutlery per hour. And hygiene, because they are equipped with a UVC germicidal lamp that sterilises the cutlery and the drying granulate.

Sammic cutlery dryer-polishers are robust and very easy to use. They are made of stainless steel and the cutlery circulation ramps are rounded to avoid clogging and covered with insulating material to guarantee smooth and fluid circulation. 

Some models have an outlet fan to remove the remains of the granulate from the cutlery before exit and/or a motor brake that guarantees smooth braking and protects the bodywork. 

Según modelos, cuentan con ventilador de salida para eliminar restos del granulado de los cubiertos antes de la salida, y con freno motor que garantiza un frenado suave y protege la carrocería. 


Model Type Thoughput/hour Fan       Motor-brake
SAM-3001 Tabletop  3000 Yes No
SAS-5001 Floorstanding 8000 No No
SAS-6001 Floorstanding 8000 Yes Yes


Sterilising kitchen knives with EC-30

The EC knifesterilisers are cabinets with a UV germicidal lamp that sterilises knives in less than 30 minutes. They are made of stainless steel and have UV-protected acrylic viewing windows that allow their contents to be seen.

They are fixed to the wall and have a non-magnetic blade holder that does not blunt the blades. Instead, they have a grid to place the knives on so that the action of the germicidal lamp reaches the whole knife.

Model Loading Capacity (pieces)
EC-30 15 W 25-30 units
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