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New XM hand-held immersion blenders: professional performance

June 23, 2020

What does being a a commercial device mean in the new XM range of hand-held immersion blenders?  

In addition to the size of the pan, pot or bowl for which they are intended, the new XM blenders, B whisks and MB combi models are designed for professional kitchens. This is reflected in several key features:  

 Designed for intensive use - Use it without fear  

All Sammic XM generation hand-held electrical devices are equipped with powerful motors that have passed the most demanding high-use tests.   

Container sizes - Choose yours  

Nowadays, "professional" doesn't have to be synonymous with large-scale production. Therefore, the new generation of Sammic hand-held electrical blenders and mixers includes models that are suitable for containers with maximum capacities ranging from 10 to 250 litres.  Choose the one for you!  

Y-blade - Professional three-blade design in all models  

All models of XM hand-held electrical devices are equipped with three-blade hardened steel blades with a three-dimensional design capable of obtaining the desired result with minimum effort and in the shortest time, avoiding unnecessary use of resources.  

Fixed or variable speed - Design your machine

All the series of hand-held electrical devices, except the 70, are available in variable speed. The XM-12 blender has variable speed, as do all the models of the 20 series. In the 30 and 50 series, the blenders are fixed speed and the mixers and combis are variable speed. If you prefer a variable speed blender in this series, you can choose the combi version or a variable speed motor block with blender arm.    


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