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The most comfortable blenders on the market: XM

June 30, 2020 Español   Français   Deutsch   Italiano   Português  

Comfort and ergonomics are key aspects in all types of machines, but they become particularly important for equipment that has to be operated by people most of the time, such as portable blenders and mixers.  

Ergonomics, ease of handling and weight have been key aspects in the development of the XM commercial immersion blenders and whisks. The result has been the launch of a compact and manageable range with user-friendly features including:


Practical and manageable size: the best weight-performance ratio

The range has been developed with the aim of providing maximum comfort for the user, so the weight and size of the devices have been key factors during the design process. Result: a compact and manageable range with the best weight-performance ratio.

Ergo-design & bi-mat grip: designed to minimise fatigue

The XM's external casing, made of two materials, allows an ergonomic grip and has the optimal tilt to minimise user fatigue.  The handle has a non-slip grip to improve handling and prevent the machine from falling. 

Click-on-arm: Click-on arm: arms can be removed with a click

The XM range of hand-held electrical devices has a removable arm on all models. The arm has quick fastening with a safety restraint system and the "click" which indicates the locked position.

 The hood is designed to avoid splashes: safety at work

 The carefully designed hood avoids splashes during operation.

Intuitive use and indicator lights: essential information for the user 

The XM range features extremely simple and intuitive handling with light indicators to show whether the machine is connected to the mains. In the 10/20 range, the indicator lights up if the machine is connected to the mains. In the higher ranges, the dual-colour indicator shows whether the machine is connected to the mains and whether it is unlocked. 

Continuous operation  


XM blenders are professional devices that allow intensive use and prolonged periods of operation. So that the user does not have to hold the machine all the time, all the models from the 30 range upwards allow continuous operation. Thanks to optional supports, the blenders can be left in continuous operation without the user having to constantly hold the machine.


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