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Peeling potatoes: Abrasive plate or knife plate?

November 3, 2020 Español   Français   Português   Italiano   Deutsch  

When we talk about commercial potato peeling machines we usually talk about two peeling systems: abrasive plate peeling and knife plate peeling. But what are the differences between peeling potatoes with the knife plate and the abrasive system? Which one will suit you best? We present the advantages and disadvantages of each plate. You can also see the final result produced by each system in the video below.

At Sammic, all the industrial potato peelers (Aluminium Range and Stainless Steel Range: Compact / Commercial / Combi) peel potatoes using food grade abrasives. These plates peel the potatoes leaving the surface smooth and clean. They enable uniform peeling while minimising waste. In contrast, the knife plate, optional on the PI-20 and PES-20 models, allows potatoes to be peeled in a similar way to manual peeling with a knife.


Peeling with a knife plate



- The knife plate allows potato peeling which is similar to manual knife cutting.

- Achieves an effective and very smooth peeling of the product.


- To achieve an optimum result with knife peeling, less potato should be used in each cycle. Otherwise, when peeling the potato, the blades greatly reduce the size of the potato, removing large quantities of the product with the skin.

- The waste peelings are denser.

- As it contains blades, the user must be more careful in handling the machine.

Peeling with an abrasive plate



- With the abrasive plate the machine can be used at its maximum capacity, thus achieving increased production.

- Using the machine at its maximum capacity, the potato comes out peeled and without a noticeable decrease in size.

- The waste is less dense than the peelings left by the knife plate and drains from the machine along with the water.

- It is safer than the knife plate, as the abrasive plate does not cut and the probability of injury is very low.

- The final finish is not as smooth as if you use the knife plate with a smaller amount of product.

Therefore, we can say that peeling potatoes with the abrasive system is faster, cheaper and safer. While smoother, better peeling is achieved with the knife plate as long as it is used in smaller productions.

We leave you with the following video that compares the final result of each plate.

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