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Cutting French fries: FCE disc or FC disc and FFC grid?

October 27, 2020 Español   Français   Português   Italiano   Deutsch  

We are often asked which disc or disc-grid combination we recommend for cutting potatoes for chips. Two options are presented in our cutting guide. The first is the FC slicing disc with FFC grid for chips. Alternatively, you can use the FCE-8+ disc, which gives you a similar result. 

FFC grids are specially designed for cutting potatoes to make chips in combination with an FC disc. Normally, the FFC-8D grid is combined with a FC-8D disc and the FFC-10D grid is combined with a FC-10D disc, although it is possible to combine different sizes and obtain a variety of cuts.

FCE discs are designed to cut ribbons, matchsticks, straws, fat chips or thin fries. Using the size 8, you can create cuts similar but not identical to those obtained by the combination of an FC-8D disc with an FFC-8D grid.

Sammic offers different options to suit the needs of different users. What should you consider when choosing which disc or combination of discs to use for cutting chips?

1.Initial investment. If you are considering buying discs for cutting chips, the initial investment is lower if you opt for the FCE-8D disc than if you opt for the combination of disc and grid.

2.Final result: As you can see in the video accompanying this post, due to the geometry and movement of the FCE discs, the result obtained is a chip with a slightly curved shape compared to the combination of disc and grid, which obtains much straighter cuts. 

3.Versatility: the combination of disk and grid allows the FC disk to be used to slice different foods. 

4.Sizes available: the grid is available in 8mm and 10mm sizes. The FCE disc is available in the 8mm size, as smaller sizes obtain straw or matchstick type cuts and would result in a different type of product.

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