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French Fry System or the integral solution from Sammic for making french fries, on video

March 9, 2021 Español   Français   Italiano   Português   Deutsch  

Did you know that with the French Fry System solution from Sammic it's really easy to serve up freshly-cut french fries that are both delicious and healthy?

In this video, we'll explain an efficient procedure for preparing and storing freshly-cut french fries and show you different configurations both for small-scale and large-scale chip production.

A few years ago we made a post where we talked about chips, better freshly-cut! In that post, we debunked the myth that freshly-cut french fries are a lot of work, are more expensive to make, can't be stored and that it's impossible to make them in a consistent shape. Because thanks to the French Fry System solution from Sammic, it's easy to achieve just that.

At Sammic, we have the equipment you need to carry out the process during downtime and only once a week so that your chips stay perfectly fresh for 8 or 9 days once peeled, cut, packed and refrigerated in one single process. The system has different configurations, both for small, street-level establishments and for large community kitchens, canteens, etc.

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