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10 unique features of SmartVide X immersion circulator... and more

May 31, 2021 Español   Italiano   Français   Português   Deutsch  

SmartVide X stands out against the other SmartVide sous-vide cookers thanks to its design and materials, particularly its button-free, full-colour touchscreen. Without a doubt, and without detracting from all the other models, SmartVide X is the ideal thermocirculator for an open-view kitchen. Behind its flawless appearance, the appliance boasts a series of characteristics and features that make it unique.


 The best user experience 

1. Control by interactive touchscreen

Users interact with SmartVide X through a 5.5” colour touchscreen that guides them at all times in the selected language, without physical buttons and in the most intuitive way. Configuration and use of SmartVide X is as simple and intuitive as using a mobile telephone.

Thanks to the high-quality touchscreen, which is resistant for use within a kitchen environment, all necessary information can be accessed with a high level of definition from any angle.


2. Optimal user interaction

In connection with the previous paragraph, interaction between the user and SmartVide is highly intuitive and the information provided is versatile and valuable.

On one hand, complete information, which is easy to read and to understand, is provided in real time. Furthermore, the system offers high-quality information in graph form, facilitating its interpretation. Finally, user interaction is highly intuitive.

In the warning section, the touchscreen provides warnings and information in relation to the whole situation and in the selected language.


3. Information in the user’s language

During the initial setup of SmartVide X, a language can be selected from a list. From that moment on, all interaction with the user will be carried out in the selected language. This configuration can be modified at any time depending on who is using the appliance.

4. Direct software update

SmartVide X has WiFi connectivity thanks to which, when the appliance is turned on and connected to WiFi, a notification appears when a firmware update is available. If confirmed by the user, the update can be downloaded and installed immediately on the cooker, without the need for additional devices.

In addition to Wireless, SmartVide X also has WiFi, meaning that the software is updated without a mobile device and cooking reports are exported directly from the cooker.

This does not mean that the appliance must be connected to WiFi at all times. It can be used without a problem in a kitchen without a WiFi connection, and certain functions will only be activated once it is connected.

  Exclusive features  

5. Advanced recipe storage

SmartVide X stores recipes based on water bath temperature, temperature at the centre of the product measured by probe and cooking time.

6. Start of the cycle activated by probe

SmartVide X can start the cycle automatically when the centre of the product reaches the established temperature. This function is crucial for pasteurisation.





7. Power-heated tank connection

SmartVide X can be connected to tanks equipped with heating elements to accelerate heating times when the product has a low initial temperature. This is useful for very cold or frozen products.

When SmartVide X is connected to a power-heated tank, a smart interaction takes place between the cooker and the tank. Without any user intervention, this enables the independent and smart control of the tank’s heating elements, according to the temperature detected and the parameters established, with regulated consumption and maximum energy efficiency.

8. Scalable model: possibility of adding new functions

Thanks to its touchscreen and the absence of buttons or physical constraints that may limit user interaction, with SmartVide X it is possible to add new functions or features in the future.

Examples of functions that can be added include new languages, incident alerts to the user’s mobile telephone, adaptation for users with hearing or visual disabilities, etc.

  Maximum control of processes  

9. Advanced log (mid-cycle log / alerts / temperature-based use)

Mid-cycle log

With SmartVide X, it is possible to access and consult the log throughout the process and not only at the end of the cycle.

Incident log

With SmartVide X, if incidents occur during a cycle, they are recorded in the log, and this record is exported to the cooking reports for greater quality control and management.

Use information based on temperature ranges

With SmartVide X it is possible to check the appliance’s use log according to temperature and time in graph form and in an intuitive manner, with colour codes that show the rate of use of the appliance at each temperature range. This information is extremely useful both for the user and for the service technician.

For the cook, this information is useful as it enables the intelligent evolution of their creative work: ideal recipes can be created for the most used cooking or retherming temperature range, facilitating the organisational and logistical aspect and optimising resources in professional kitchens.



10. Simple and accessible settings menu

Thanks to the touchscreen and selection of languages, SmartVide X has an intuitive and accessible settings menu that enables the user to adjust the appliance settings to their needs in the easiest and most intuitive way.


   What’s more...  

11. Janby Track Mini embedded

SmartVide X is the only model in the SmartVide range that is compatible with the system for the control of cooking and retherming times, Janby Track, without the need for any additional devices. Janby Track Mini requires activation with our technological partner, Janby Digital Kitchen.  Furthermore, just like all the other SmartVide models, SmartVide X can be connected to an external Janby Track device for more advanced functions.

Thus, SmartVide X is a 3-in-1 appliance with built-in functions (manual cooking, recipe-based cooking and controlled retherming), without the need for additional devices.


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