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New generation of glasswashers and dishwashers: a family with values

September 21, 2021 Español   Français   Deutsch   Italiano   Português  

Sammic presents a new generation of industrial glasswashers and dishwashers based on key pillars to provide an advanced user experience: washing efficiency, resource efficiency, hygiene and ergonomics as well as maximum reliability. These pillars are grounded in a series of key characteristics. Let's take a look at the main ones. 

Organised into two lines, Active and Ultra, all of the models share a common core but differ in the characteristics of the control panels and the features and variants available for each line.  

Constructive quality: deep drawn tanks 

The whole range comes fitted with new deep drawn tanks. This construction technique offers numerous useful advantages for everyday work: on the one hand, the absence of joins provides greater structural watertightness and sturdiness. In addition to this, it results in an ergonomic design with rounded corners that prevent the accumulation of dirt and facilitate cleaning. On the other hand, the recessed tanks offer a higher wash performance, with a 50% saving in water. 

New HydrobladeTM arms

The combination of the linear design and the "monoblock" construction provide greater washing efficiency with lower water consumption. Specifically, water consumption is reduced by 30% during rinsing. What's more, the arms are 40% lighter, meaning that they rotate faster. This creates an even and powerful water flow. 

Sani-Control Guarantee

All of the dishwashers have been designed according to DIN10534 standard to ensure optimum disinfection. In addition, the effectiveness of our dishwashers is backed by clinical tests in independent laboratories. 
As well as complying with the DIN10534 standard, all models from the Ultra range have a temperature display to ensure effective HACCP control. The minimum rinsing temperature is controlled with the Thermal Lock feature, available in all Active and Ultra models. Added to this is the option for rinsing at constant temperature for the whole cycle, available in Ultra models. 

Increased loading height 

The loading height is 300mm in glasswashers, 380mm in undercounter dishwashers and 430mm in hood-type models.  

  • Glasses measuring 30cm in height and plates of up to 33cm can be washed in the glasswashers. Also, by adding a kit, you can fit a double basket in the machine. 
  • In front-loading dishwashers, you can wash plates of up to 39cm in diameter, Gastronorm 1/1 trays along with Euronorm 1/1 trays. By purchasing the corresponding kit, these models can also be fitted with a double basket in the same wash cycle. 
  • Hood-type dishwashers are able to wash Gastronorm 1/1 trays, Euronorm 1/1 trays as well as utensils with a diameter of 40cm and a height of 40cm, meaning that they can also be used as a compact utensil washer. 

New three-stage filtering system 

The new three-stage filtering system is designed to improve washing efficiency while increasing the durability of the washing pump. 

  • Easy-On surface filters: the surface filters with “easy-on” design retain coarse dirt and capture up to 80% of waste. 
  • Tank filter: the new tank filter offers a higher capacity for blocking medium-sized residue. 
  • Extraction filter: the extraction filter blocks the lighter dirt, preventing it from affecting the performance of the washing pump. 

“Easy-Grip doors

The "Easy-Grip" handle provides a perfect grip, even with wet hands. What's more, the new design offers additional advantages such as robustness, hygiene and cleaning or ergonomics. 

One core, two ranges  

The Active range has been developed with the aim of making the latest washing technologies available to professionals, without the hassle. The electronic control panel offers a simple and user-friendly control, with highly intuitive user communication. This range has dedicated cycles: the ideal washing programme is selected using icons, adapting the duration to suit the type of article you want to wash. 


The Ultra Range has been designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding sectors, whether they're after glossy finishes, high productivity or are rigorous with hygiene management. The colour LCD display, with advanced image sharpness, makes the screen easy to read from any angle and distance. The control panel combines technical sophistication and ease of use, offering a quick and intuitive reading of the machine information and status through messages, colour-coding and icons. The Ultra Range is also equipped with the "Soft Start" function, thanks to which the pump starts up gradually to protect fragile or delicate items. 

We'll keep you informed with more details and characteristics of the new generation of Sammic glasswashers and dishwashers, so we recommend subscribing to our newsletter. 

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