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Differences between the Active line and the Ultra line

September 27, 2021 Español   Français   Deutsch   Italiano   Português  

Within the common core shared by our Active and Ultra dishwashers, both ranges have a series of differences, which can be summarised as the control panel, the gradual start-up of the cycle and the options available for each range.  




High performance, without complications

The Premium washing experience

Control panel

Simple, user-friendly control panel.

  • Simple and intuitive panel. 
  • Dedicated cycles: the duration of the cycle adjusts to the item being washed. 
  • IP54 humidity protection. 
  • Machine status display. 
  • Automatic start function. 
  • IP65 humidity protection. 

Experiencia de usuario única gracias a su panel LCD en color.

  • Combines technical sophistication and ease of use. 
  • Dedicated cycles: the temperatures and duration are adjusted to each type of item. 
  • Advanced image sharpness. 
  • Quick and intuitive reading of machine information and status through messages, colour-coding and icons. 
  • Progress bar. 
  • Temperature display. 
  • IP65 humidity protection. 



Progressive start-up of the pump to provide maximum protection for fragile or delicate items. 

Wash Plus + function


Activating this function increases the intensity of the cycle for greater washing efficiency. 

Advanced menu


Allows the machine's main parameters to be adjusted to suit the needs of each user. Highlights: 

  • Setting to adjust washing and rinsing temperatures from the panel.
  • Setting for the consumption of rinsing water.
  • PRECISE SETTING, FROM THE PANEL, for dosage of detergent (versions with detergent dispenser) and rinse aid.

Options available

Available in standard versions and limited options: 

  • Option of overflow drainage pump.
  • Option of detergent dispenser.

Available in a wide range of options: 

  • Drainage pump.
  • Detergent dispenser.
  • Internal water softeners.
  • HHR: Rinsing at constant high temperature.
  • Double wall: thermo-acoustic insulation.
  • Steam condenser.
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