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When and how do we change the oil of vacuum packers?

March 8, 2022 Español   Français   Italiano   Português  

Commercial Vacuum Packing Machines operate thanks to a pump which requires the use of detergent-free oil. The oil level must be checked weekly, which should cover 3/4 of the spy hole located on the right hand side of the machine.

Depending on the model of the packing machine, we use different types of oils:

  • SAE-10 oil (detergent-free) : for table-top vacuum packing machines or those with a pump size up to 20 m3/h. Oil must be changed after 150  working hours.
  • SAE-30 oil (detergent-free) : for floorstanding vacuum packing machines or those with pump with output over 20m3/h. Oil must be changed after 300 working hours.

When to change the oil?

1. When the pump has worked the hours indicated:

  • SENSOR ULTRA: when starting the machine, the viewer will indicate the hours and the symbol will light up to warn that the oil must be changed.
  • SENSOR: when switching on the machine, the display will show “oil” and will flash for 10 seconds to warn that the oil must be changed.

2. If it has formed an emulsion.


  • The number of working hours accumulated can be checked when switching the machine on or by pressing the symbol for 3 seconds.  
  • In pumps 40m³/h and above, the oil filter must be changed at the same time.

How to change the oil?

To replace oil, follow the instructions given in the next video.

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