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Dishwasher capacity: More in the same space

May 24, 2023 Español   Français   Italiano   Português   Deutsch  


Can you imagine being able to wash more plates in less time and without sacrificing space in your kitchen?

In the design process for the new dishwashers, we focused on optimising the washing process in order to satisfy the needs of our customers. For this, we have increased the useful height in the same space both for the glasswashers, and front-loading and pass-through dishwashers. What this means is that they occupy the same space as before, but with a higher loading capacity and improved ergonomics.

Thanks to the increased capacity of machines, together with the different specialised washing cycles which guarantee great operating versatility, all the dishwasher models allow a wide variety of items to be washed, from delicate glasses up to plates and pots. Furthermore, thanks to the new capacity, the glasswasher and front-loading dishwasher models can be fitted with a second rack to wash two baskets simultaneously. 

This is the capacity of the new models:


  Useful height Compatible items


300 mm


Front-loading dishwashers

380 mm


Pass-through dishwashers

430 mm



400 mm x 400 mm basket and useful height of 300 mm.

Sammic's AX and UX glasswashers stand out for their simplicity and excellent results in a compact design. The increased loading capacity (300 mm of useful height) of the machines allows a second rack to be fitted in order to wash two baskets simultaneously.

  • > 33 cm diameter pizza plates
  • > Glasses of up to 30 cm in height
  • > Double height available

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Front-loading dishwashers

500 mm x 500 mm basket and useful height of 380 mm.

The front-loading dishwashers are designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding users, they offer optimal washing performance, save energy and water and have an intuitive interface. An ideal machine for glassware, dishes and cutlery. With a useful height of 380 mm, the user can wash:

  • > 39 cm diameter pizza plates
  • > Gastronorm trays 1/1
  • > Euronorm trays 1/1
  • > Double height available

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Pass-through dishwashers

500 mm x 500 mm basket and useful height of 430 mm.

The hood dishwashers make the work easier thanks to their front or side loading, their height and liftable hood. The useful height of 430 mm and the liftable hood allow the user to wash:

  • > Gastronorm 1/1 trays
  • > Euronorm 1/1 trays
  • > Pastry/bread trays (single wall hoods)
  • > Pans
  • > 39 cm diameter pizza plates

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