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Stirrers in food processors: Two solutions, same result

October 3, 2023 Español   Français   Italiano   Português   Deutsch  

When consistency, texture, and uniformity are crucial in preparations, the stirrer in food processors operates as the machine's heart. A proficient stirrer ensures that ingredients blend adequately, preventing lumps, separations, or irregularities that could impact the end product's quality.

Hence, at Sammic, we've placed particular emphasis on offering cutting-edge solutions concerning stirrers for our food processors and food processor-emulsifiers. In our two food processor lines, the Heavy Duty line and the Compact line, we introduce two distinct stirrer proposals. Although they are different solutions, both ensure an optimal result: Lateral stirrers in the Compact line and the "Cut&Mix" stirrer in the Heavy Duty line.

1. Built-in lateral stirrers of the COMPACT Line

The Compact line takes efficiency to a new level. Its lateral stirrers in the bowl, included in both the Active and Ultra ranges, deliver a uniform result, without the constant need for operator intervention. This autonomy is especially invaluable in intense work settings, where every second is vital.




2. "Cut&Mix" stirrer of the HEAVY DUTY Line

On the other hand, the Heavy Duty line offers the manual "Cut&Mix" stirrer. Featured in the Ultra range and optional in the Active, this system allows the operator to have direct control over the process.





With both stirrer options, the results are impeccable, meaning the choice doesn't matter: different solutions for the same result.

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