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Robustness and reliability: Essential in demanding work environments

September 19, 2023 Español   Français   Português   Italiano   Deutsch  

At Sammic, we appreciate the importance of robustness and reliability in industrial dishwashers. We understand that these machines are vital in demanding work environments, which is why we have focused on developing the AX-UX range of dishwashers with features that ensure optimal performance and a long lifespan.

Would you like to discover the characteristics that make these machines indispensable in industrial kitchens? Keep reading!

1. Ergonomic doors

“Easy-Grip” handle

Our dishwasher boasts an "Easy-Grip" handle that provides a comfortable user experience during the most repetitive tasks of the day: opening and closing the door. The integrated handle on the door enhances strength and robustness, ensuring intensive use. Moreover, it ensures a perfect grip, even with wet hands, and its flat design prevents accidental collisions by operators in the washing area.

“Flow” elevation system

The "Flow" mechanism for lifting the dishwasher's hood has been designed to streamline workflow in high-demand conditions. It makes lifting the hood require less effort, preventing fatigue and muscle injuries. Furthermore, the sturdier design of the mechanism prevents jams and enhances the machine's reliability.

2. Hydroblade washing arms

Exceptional washing efficiency

Our Hydroblade washing arms deliver exceptional washing efficiency. With versions in stainless steel (undercounter dishwashers and pass-through dishwashers) for greater demands and a Composite version (glasswashers) for lighter use, we ensure powerful cleaning and efficient rotation, even with low water pressure. Additionally, the linear design and Monoblock concept of our arms ensure a uniform and powerful water curtain, equivalent to water blades.

3. 3-Stage filter system

Ergonomics and protection

Our progressive filter system captures even the slightest dirt, keeping the wash water in optimal condition and ensuring consistent washing efficiency throughout the day. It also prevents blockages in the pipes and safeguards the washing pump, enhancing the machine's reliability. All filtering stages are manually removable, simplifying daily cleaning tasks and ensuring easy maintenance.

4. Easy maintenance

Simple and convenient

We have designed our dishwashers to simplify maintenance. Everything is within reach; simply remove the bottom panel to access the dishwasher's key components, saving intervention time. Furthermore, QR codes provide all the information related to your dishwasher with a single click.

5. Guaranteed durability

You will never wash alone

At Sammic, our commitment goes beyond delivering the dishwasher. With our Design Services, Tech-Services, and 60 years of experience and know-how, we are here to ensure that our customers achieve maximum satisfaction from the beginning of the purchasing process to the end of the product's lifespan.

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