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Alfonso Acha: "FHA Horeca is a Key Meeting Point"

April 19, 2024 Español  

We are pleased to announce that this year we will once again participate in the FHA Horeca fair, which will be held in Singapore from October 22 to 25. As in previous years, our presence will be framed within the official pavilion of ICEX, thereby facilitating our integration into this important international event. This support from ICEX is fundamental, as it provides an established structure that allows us to focus on what is most important: connecting with the global market and showcasing our innovations in hospitality equipment.

Alfonso Acha, our Export Director, emphasizes the relevance of this event for Sammic. "FHA Horeca is a key meeting point for sector leaders from around the world, an ideal platform to explore new trends and strengthen our position in international markets," comments Alfonso. Our participation allows us not only to highlight our latest innovations but also to adapt to the changing dynamics of the market, which is essential for our ongoing growth.

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[View the original video on ICEX's Vimeo channel]

The experience accumulated over the course of our participation in this fair is invaluable, and as Alfonso highlights, meticulous preparation and adaptation are crucial to making the most of the experience. Details on how to make this participation a success are shared in this video, where Alfonso offers key tips to maximize effectiveness at events of this magnitude.

From these lines, we extend our thanks to ICEX for their continuous support, which not only facilitates our participation but also promotes the excellence of Spanish innovation abroad.

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