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Vegetable preparation attachment CR-143

To cut all types of greens and vegetables and grate cheese, bread, chocolate, etc.

It works with discs and grids.

  • Can be used with PPC potato peelers (PPC-6 and PPC-12) and with food mixers with combined option (BE-10C, BE-20CBE-30C and BE-40C).
  • Slicing blades, grating discs (grids are different)  are those of the CA-31 vegetable prep. machine. 
  • Not suitable for long shaped products.
  • Maximum slicing disc height: 14 mm.
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Specifications Sheet

Mouth dimensions: 135 mm x 73 mm

External dimensions (W x D x H):

  • Width: 270 mm
  • Depth: 370 mm
  • Height: 290 mm

Crated dimensions
280 x 330 x 320 mm
Gross weight: 7.3 kg

Product Sheet

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