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Automatic water softeners

Specially indicated for the restaurant industry and bars and any other application where water for industrial use is required.

Using these devices will lower operation costs, improving system performance and equipment lifespan.

  • Their operation involves food grade ionic exchange resins, that absorb calcium and magnesium salts from water.

  • Automatic single-unit water softener with a fibreglass cylinder and an “autotrol” valve.
  • The electromechanical time valve features a timer to schedule the number and the frequency of regeneration cycles, based on the assumed water consumption and hardness.
  • Weekly timer programming; the timer can be programmed to carry out from a minimum of one regeneration per week up to a maximum of one regeneration per day.
  • Regeneration phases: - Counter current salt water intake - slow rinsing - fast rinsing - restoration of the brine - operation
  • Fast unions to connect to the brine.
  • Water mains´ connection: ½", ¾" with mixer, 1" with mixer.
  • During their regeneration water softeners automatically enter By-pass mode allowing non-softened water to be used.
  • Compact design.
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