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The blast chiller, your partner in the pursuit of optimum conservation

April 14, 2020 Español   Français   Italiano   Português   Deutsch  

Processes are changing and in the face of such alarming situations that we are going through due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, the need for kitchens around the world to adhere to sanitary protocols in their management and production processes is becoming more evident..

Rapid chilling is the best natural system for prolonging the freshness of food. By quickly cooling the food we can maintain high quality, food safety and savings.

All processes - from the time the ingredients are received, through preparation and final storage - are key to achieving a safe high-quality product. Not only leisure businesses (such as hotels and restaurants), but also distribution of processed and non-processed food, hospital catering, school canteens... all can benefit from the advantages offered by a blast chiller. Advantages include provision of a safe high-quality product, which is traceable, optimising food stocks and extending the life of the product.

Chilling +90ºC to +3ºC

Blast chillers are becoming a necessity in our kitchens. Regardless of size, they have become an indispensable tool.

Bacterial growth is very rapid when food is at a temperature between +65°C and +10°C. At around +37ºC, bacteria double every 20 minutes. Sammic chillers allow you to quickly pass through this dangerous temperature range, reaching +3°C at the core of the product in less than 90 minutes. This means we are able to reduce the bacterial count present in the food, improving the quality and sensory characteristics and pasteurising the product. Pasteurisation allows us to pack in thermo-sealed containers for distribution. Taking that one stage further, vacuum packing and sous-vide cooking allow us to extend the life of the product and maintain its quality, achieving safe storage and traceability. 

Deep-freezing +90ºC to -18ºC

Deep-freezing is the best process to extend the shelf life of food to months. Through its powerful cooling system, with air circulating at -40ºC, the Sammic blast chiller can attain a temperature of -18ºC at the core of the product in less than 240 minutes. This prevents macro-crystallisation and keeps the sensory qualities of the product intact, ensuring that, after correct defrosting, there is no loss of liquid and, consequently, no loss of flavour. In addition, deep-freezing is an indispensable part of preventing contagion by anisakis present in fish without damaging the characteristics of the fish.

Rapid chilling and bacterial proliferation:
90ºC no bacterial proliferation
65ºC start of bacterial proliferation
37ºC maximum bacterial proliferation
3ºC minimum bacterial proliferation
______ With blast chiller
______ Without blast chiller

Thanks to the food's longer lifetime and better conservation using the chilling process, it's possible to organise the production processes and prepare more semi-finished portions in advance, avoiding the possibility of contagion and maintaining high food quality.

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