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Blast chiller / freezer AT-8 1/1

8 x GN 1/1 / EN 600 x 400 (distance between trays: 70 mm).


  • Chilling: 25 kg / 90'.
  • Deep-freezing: 16 kg / 240'.

Quick chilling helps to maintain the quality of food, preserving the nutrients and improving the efficiency of cooking processes.

A wide range of applications

  • Frozen pizzas, fresh pasta, confectionery, gastronomy, ice creams, desserts, baked goods, etc.

One piece of equipment, several functions

  • Quick chilling to +3ºC which inhibits bacterial proliferation, prevents food dehydration due to evaporation and makes it possible to preserve the original properties of food for five to seven days.
  • Deep-freezing to a core temperature of -18ºC in less than four hours, avoiding the formation of macrocrystals, an essential requisite if - at the time of use - unfrozen food is to keep its original consistency and quality.
  • Automatic preservation at the maintenance temperature programmed after each operation.

Robust, hygienic and reliable construction.

  • Manufactured in stainless steel with hygienic cathodic protection and easy to clean
  • Insulation with expanded polyurethane foam in water free of CFC's and HFC's
  • High-power compressors for quick chilling
  • Indirect air flow
  • Built-in motor
  • Freon refrigerant with a low GWP content.
  • Evaporators treated with cataphoresis to reduce odours and moulds, favouring performance and durability over time.

Advanced control panel

  • Cycles per temperature, time or core probe.
  • HARD function for rapid cooling, SOFT for deep-freezing.
  • Data storage at the end of the cycle.
  • Manual air defrosting.
  • Possibility of customising and saving cycles and settings.
  • HACCP functions for storing alarms.
  • Wireless connectivity for maximum process control through the free EVConnect app.

Special cycles

  • Pre-cooling.
  • Sanitation of raw fish.
  • Ice cream hardening.
  • Other optional cycles: defrosting, internal sterilisation, cooling by core probe.
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Specifications Sheet

Recipient capacity (GN) 1/1: 8
Space between trays: 70 mm

Chilling capacity: 90ºC a 3ºC / 90' / 25 kg
Deep freezing capacity: 90ºC a -18ºC / 240' / 16 kg

Consumption: 1400 W

Internal dimensions:
700 mm x 420 mm x 1450 mm (Interior volume: 195 l)

External dimensions (W x D x H)

  • Width: 820 mm
  • Depth: 700 mm
  • Height: 1280 mm

Net weight: 140 kg

Crated dimensions
850 x 740 x 1450 mm
Volume Packed: 0.912 m³
Gross weight: 150 kg

Product Sheet

Default equipment

Core probe.
Wireless connectivity

Optional equipment

Wifi connectivity for process control from anywhere.
Ozone sterilisation.
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