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Dishwashers with built-in water softener

List of versions with built-in water softener

To significantly extend the lifetime of your professional dishwasher, achieve better washing results, and protect the machine, you can add a manual or automatic water softener to your dishwasher.

Both systems protect the machine from scale and improve the finish of the articles. There are two different versions depending on their maintenance.

Water softener of manual resin regeneration: the machine warns when regeneration is necessary, ensuring that the machine is kept in peak condition. Protects the machine from scale and improves the finish of the articles, especially for glass.

With regard to the automatic water softener, it simplifies the maintenance process. It is only necessary to replace the salt; useful for establishments where hygiene is of particular importance, as well as for the washing of glassware.

The automatic water softener has several advantages compared to the manual version. On one hand, the cycle is activated automatically according to the established water hardness. On the other, it is possible to continue to use the appliance while the descaler is in use. Finally, the automatic descaler is equipped with a salt detector that shows when it is necessary to add more salt.

Sammic front dishwasher versions are available with built-in water softener:

  • D: PROLIME: Manual water softener
  • BD: GLASS CARE: Drain pump + manual water softener + peristaltic brightener dispenser.
  • BCD: PERFORMANCE: Constant temperature rinse + drain pump + automatic water softener + DD option.
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